Human Resources

human resource

Human Resources

NIPL has an environment where-in team spirit, passion, commitment, team work etc are valued which makes Niranthara a great place to work. As a modern construction company, Niranthara realizes to have an innovative and SMART team which focuses on continuous training to meet constantly changing construction industry needs. Our professional and experienced human resources encompassing of engineers, financial experts and dedicated team of quality employees who are committed to Niranthara's evolution.

Innovation in construction, whether the idea is from engineer or from worker, will be honoured and nourished. Ultimately Niranthara management is fully committed to employee job satisfaction and firmly believe in 'Happy mind deliver Good work'


NIPL is committed to provide quality construction work to our esteemed customers that meet the Project Standards and Specifications with reference to Materials, Workmanship, Schedules and Services while maintaining Profitability and Competitiveness.

NIPL seeks/ (strives) to achieve quality by installing / adhering principles of “Shaping the Possibilities” by evolving /harnessing the skills of our Employees.

NIPL ensures continual improvements through quality processes which are directed by an efficient Quality Management System.


1. Continual Improvement in “On time delivery” of projects as per customer requirements.(Ref: Time Line Chart / Project Tracker)
2. Adherence to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
3. Adherence to Environmental, Health & Safety requirements at work place and continual improvements in our processes.
4. Constantly train our staff to improve their knowledge and skills.
5.Constantly monitor Suppliers Quality and Guide them to Improvements.

human resource

HSE Policy

Company wellness depend on the collective health and fitness upkeep of our Human resources. Hence, we maintain high standards of occupational health and hygiene at all our workplaces.

We protect all our employees against the health hazards at the work place. Acquiescence of health and safety legislation and making the workplace healthier and safer is our constant objective.

Niranthara practices effective safety procedures in the industry. We endeavour to make our workplace completely safe for working. Our well trained and dedicated safety personnel ensure that safety practices are followed by every employee and target the lowest Lost time Injury.

Niranthara is not only committed to working in a safe responsible manner, safeguarding the health of our employees but also ensuring its environmental concerns. Our environmental goal is to promote development that improves the total quality of life, both present and in future. We constantly strive to set and accomplish targets that endorse minimum and effective use of our natural resources, eliminate or reduce use of environmental threat substance or chemicals in construction, reduce damage to greenery during construction and play a new role in environmental friendly construction methodology & practices.